Dead Farm Massacre

Dead Farm

Hell has broken loose in your small farm town where farmers and also farm animals have been turned into flesh eating zombies!

With the ever-growing horde of zombies, they begin to completely wipe out the countryside.

You thought you would be safe on your farm. You were wrong. Dead wrong!

Now you must try to save your farm from the hordes of zombies. It will not be easy though, as these undead beasts are relentless in their search for human flesh.

With each level you pass the zombies get harder and harder to kill. Be sure to upgrade all of your weapons and ammo, and don’t forget to reinforce your fences and your barn.

Find out if you have what it takes to defend yourself from the creatures that attack in the dead of the night!

Kill them all before they kill you!

  • “Literally the most addicting game we have played this year.” – Monster Free Apps
  • “Could not put this down, and found myself playing it way past my bed time.” – App Reviewer

Crystal Crusher 2

Crystal Crusher 2

New Levels! More fun! Here comes the most awaited sequel of the insanely addictive shooting puzzle Crystal Crusher.

Awesomely engaging! Once you start playing it, you will find yourself hooked into this game before you even know it.

Easy controls: Use bombs to blast the beautiful crystal structures. Completely smash the structure and win all three starts, sounds good? It really is!

So get ready for the smashing adventure and download this game now!

  • Smash the Crystals to Win.
  • Solve Levels with Great Strategy.

Farm Hotel

Farm Hotel

Can you run a hotel who’s entire customer base are farm animals?

In Farm Hotel, you are a farmer turned hotel manager.  You and your daughter must run the hotel.

The farmer’s daughter runs the kitchen, where she serves up yummy hamburgers, salads, water and milk.

The farmer runs the hotel where he helps guests with their luggage, room service, grooming, flea removal, and even balloon taxi’s during the day.

Demanding guests include:


… And so many more farm animals.

Watch out for snakes and foxes, as they will terrorize your guests.  Catch them in cages and get them out of your hotel.

Upgrade your hotel to better handle higher volume of guests.  You can get:

Speedier shoes
Larger food carts
Quicker Elevators
Faster kitchen appliances
Soda Machines
Dancing entertainment
Cleaning supplies
Earthquake repair kits

… And so much more!

Keep your guests happy, well fed, rooms full of hay, and you will be rewarded.  Upset them, and they’ll run off, lowering your hotel rating.

Play one of the most addicting strategy based time-management games to hit the market.

This game is ONLY available on the APPSTORE.

Age of Knights

Age Of Knights

Two brave warriors are stuck in the dark land of the evil empire. Their enemies have sent a war army to destroy the two knights. The 2 knights must escape the battle and rush to their castle as quickly as possible.

Help the knights in their survival mission to become the lords of the medieval kingdom.

Controls are simple. Just use the onscreen controller to move the knights along the stone paths.

This app is so addictive and fun that you will be hooked to your device the moment you start playing this fantasy strategy game.

Fun for any age. Get into this adventure puzzle and become one of the legends by getting this game now!

Storm Watch Ship – The Tornado and Hurricane Boat Chaser

Storm Watch Ship

Have you ever thought of being a sea storm chaser? Even if you haven’t, you can be one now in this amazing game!

Get thrilled with the experience of controlling and coordinating the ships, as a chief storm spotter.

Your goal here is to get the maximum number of ships monitoring in the ocean, simultaneously.

But as there is strong twister in the middle of the ocean, it is very difficult to control the ships especially when there are more than one, because it increases the risk of have them collide into each other.

To launch the ship, just tap anywhere on the screen and it will push in into the ocean, tap multiple times to push with a higher force, and then steer them in the orbit around the tiny island.

Take the challenge to control the ships in the deadly ocean twister, by getting this game now!

Einstein Bird Test

Einstein Bird Test

Birds need your help ASAP to find nests. Will you help? Don’t be chicken, it’s fun entertaining, challenging, and highly addictive. You and your friends are going to have a blast playing Einstein Bird Test. It’s great fun for the whole family.

How To Play:

1. In each of the exercises you see cute birds that need to find nests to lay eggs and take care of the baby birds. You can help them in each puzzle by dragging birds to empty nest blocks.

2. You must be smarter than incognito leaf bubbles that want to stop you, so you must jump over them to escape.

3. Each brain quiz is timed so a little quick agility is needed.

You don’t need a trainer to excel at Einstein Bird Test, just a little practice to improve your I.Q. , logic, and problem-solving skills. Pretty soon you’ll be at the top of your game smarter than Einstein himself!

Your train of thought will be on the track of pure genius! This game is more addicting than chocolate Easter bunnies and funny jokes.

So download it today and help all the cute chicks find a home!

Animal Plague Free

Animal Plague

“5 Stars – A refreshing new game that keeps you going for ‘just one more level’, and before you know it, your night has been spent curing the animal plague.” – Review / MonsterFreeApps

A terrible plague has hit the animals of the world. The infection has reached an apocalyptic epidemic. All are sick, and you are their only hope.

You are the top doctor turtle in the realm, at the hospital where you will be trying to heal all kinds of creatures including animals such as a:

and more!

The animals are in a zombie like state. You need to make sure that the infected animals get their healing potion, and then you must ensure you race over and catch the empty vial they throw back at you before it crashes to the ground.

If you are looking for the best animal curing game, then Animal Plague is an awesome choice. Both kids and adults will enjoy this popular free strategy game.

Can You Escape The Blocks

Can You Escape the Blocks

Do you have 2 minutes to kill in your daily life? If so, then this is the perfect game for you.

Your goal is to reach the other side of the world, but be careful.

Don’t put your feet on the flaming hot red blocks, or its game over.

You can play in Time Trial or in Relay Race mode. Both are awesome!

Challenge your friends to see who can get the furthest.

Download this game right now to see how good (or bad) your reflexes are.

Farm Dentist – Funny Farmer Game

Farm Dentist

This is a hilarious game for the whole family!

Your new patient: Mr. Farmer

He has some serious issues going on in his mouth.

You are a super dentist. You will now become a farmer dentist by working on his teeth.

Tap the teeth to change their color to white. But don’t tap the mouth when it is closed!

You have limited time to clean all teeth.

Watch out for a nasty cavity monster which appears and turns teeth into candy, so he can eat it later. Tap the monster quickly over and over until you wipe him out.

Download this fun game for kids, adults, and even grandpas, right now!

A Hungry Dragon HD

A Hungry Dragon Free

You are in charge of feeding a tiny dragon. A very hungry dragon!

Feed it frogs, a tiny monster, birds, and cake, by tossing it into its mouth.

There’s a baby elephant that blows wind, causing you to change your flick angle, when feeding your dragon.

Shoot the food right into your tiny dragon’s mouth, with a quick flick of your finger.

How much food can you toss into the dragon’s mouth in a row?

The game is awesome for kids, both boys and girls, and the whole family. Play this fun and addictive game, now!

Kamikaze Horses – a base defense game


The BEST Multi-Base Defense style game this year!

Defend your base from the incoming horse attacks.

Tap where you want your rockets to be hired. Some of the horses move fast, so you’ll need to shoot ahead of them, so that the rockets and the horses collide.

Tons of powerups to use to help you get through all the levels.

Can you beat the game?

Kamikaze Horses is the perfect game for boys and girls, kids and adults. See who in the family can get the farthest.

Download Kamikaze Horses right now!

3D RAGING METAL – Stock Car Street Racing Games

Raging Metal

Searching for an Exciting car racing game? Try this one!

Raging Metal is one of the most exciting and challenging car racing games in the Appstore!

There is not only racing but also thrilling shooting action!

Unlimited crazy nitro boosts are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Super easy controls! Just tilt your device to steer your car and tap to boost the nitrous and shoot your weapons!

Try to pick up the power-ups while racing or buy some from the shop to increase your racing performance!

Get your car and lets burn up those tires!

Ready! Set! Go!

Princess Rescue

Princess Rescue

☆☆☆☆☆ – “In the fun department, it doesn’t get much better than this.” – GameLabs

The kingdom princess has been kidnapped by a ferocious, evil, hideous dragon.

The king has asked you to travel across the realm to the deserted castles where the dragon makes its home, and rescue his daughter and bring her back to the city.

But this is not a job for a single champion. No, no! For this task, two of you will challenge the dragon.

Your name is Waldo and your companion is Lil’ Sonic. Together, you will attempt to scale the castle walls and rescue the princess.

Avoid the fire balls, the fire barriers, and most of all, avoid falling to your death.

An incredibly challenging but fun strategy / action style game. Fun for kids and adults.

Dragon Smuggler Free

Dragon Smuggler

What are people saying about Dragon Smuggler?

“It’s like a strange tetres stye game, but instead of geometric shapes, you have dragon cages that you move around to fill in lines. Genius!” – Monster Free Apps

“Quite an addictive little game here.” – Game Reviewer

Dragon Smuggler puts you in the shoes of a dirty Dragon Smuggler, trying to make as much money as possible.

Stack as many tiny dragon crates side by side to fill up the whole row so that you can ship off the dragons.

Easier said than done, Dragon Smuggler is a fun and addictive game of reflexes and strategy. It will puzzle even the best minds. If you want a top of the line game that is addicting and will keep you coming back for me, then try Dragon Smuggler.

This is a game for the whole family, boys and girls included. Get the kids involved and let them stack those dragon crates up high!

Spot The Difference free app

Spot the Difference

How good is your eyesight? Test yourself by playing, Spot the Difference, a fun puzzle game that tests your vision.

Each puzzle has different objects which could be jewels, gummy/drop candy, bubbles, balls, fruits, or cute dogs. All these objects are the same but one is a different shade.

Your job is to spot the one that’s different. It seems easy, but gets hairy as you progress along.

How to play:
1. Each puzzle contains the same objects, your job is to hunt, then find, tap and click on the hidden shape that’s a different shade from the rest.
2. Second, you must look sharply and quickly to point out the correct one before the clock runs out or your saga won’t continue.

Ok it’s time to play, so before the puzzle mania begins grab your favorite soda pop, all your buds, your secret crush if you have one and get ready to have a blast!

No game will take you from oddball to heroes faster than “Spot the Difference”.

When you win take a photo and post it to your favorite social media sites and make a real splash. You’ll never drop down your phone again, that’s how fun this game is, so download Spot the Difference today, add it your farm of favorites and plant some joy in your life!

Turtle Trouble : Fun games of escape

Turtle Trouble

Turtles always love to float on the water surface. But today there are no turtles to be seen swimming in the lake. Why? Because some evil sea creatures tied up the cute turtles under water!

The turtles now need your help to escape from their traps!

The turtles are tied up with chains. You must break the chains and set the turtles free.

You have an arsenal of balls that you must throw at the chains to break them!

Each level will be harder and harder. This is a THINKING game!

You only 10 shots for each level. Hit the chains with a ball to break them and your turtle will be free!

So, are you ready?

Download this game and save your turtles right now!

Dog Run Escape

Dog Run Escape

☆☆☆☆☆ – “Dog Run Escape is one of those simple but awesome games everybody should have!” – GameAppReviews

You’re a police dog, accidentally left at a crime scene. You need to get back to your handler, but things couldn’t be worse for you.

It’s almost night, you are all the way across town, and there is a maniacal dog catcher that is looking to put you in the pound.

Run and jump over obstacles and get as far as you can in this running adventure.

Dog run escape is a challenging and fun cartoon based running game that is addictive and fun for the whole family, be it boy, girl, woman or man, you’ll love it. You race against time to get as far as you can.

The controls are very simple — tap the left side of the screen to jump and tap the right side to slide under obstacles. The game will automatically run for you.

It’s time to get running and jumping. Download Dog Run Escape right now for some top shelf fun, and get back to your handler — he’s missing his beloved pet dog.