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Can you run a hotel who’s entire customer base are farm animals?

In Farm Hotel, you are a farmer turned hotel manager.  You and your daughter must run the hotel.

The farmer’s daughter runs the kitchen, where she serves up yummy hamburgers, salads, water and milk.

The farmer runs the hotel where he helps guests with their luggage, room service, grooming, flea removal, and even balloon taxi’s during the day.

Demanding guests include:


… And so many more farm animals.

Watch out for snakes and foxes, as they will terrorize your guests.  Catch them in cages and get them out of your hotel.

Upgrade your hotel to better handle higher volume of guests.  You can get:

Speedier shoes
Larger food carts
Quicker Elevators
Faster kitchen appliances
Soda Machines
Dancing entertainment
Cleaning supplies
Earthquake repair kits

… And so much more!

Keep your guests happy, well fed, rooms full of hay, and you will be rewarded.  Upset them, and they’ll run off, lowering your hotel rating.

Play one of the most addicting strategy based time-management games to hit the market.

This game is ONLY available on the APPSTORE.



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  1. This is really a nice game. I like to play this game with my friends.

    - Rishab Kapoor says:

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