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New Levels! More fun! Here comes the most awaited sequel of the insanely addictive shooting puzzle Crystal Crusher.

Awesomely engaging! Once you start playing it, you will find yourself hooked into this game before you even know it.

Easy controls: Use bombs to blast the beautiful crystal structures. Completely smash the structure and win all three starts, sounds good? It really is!

So get ready for the smashing adventure and download this game now!

  • Smash the Crystals to Win.
  • Solve Levels with Great Strategy.



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  1. My favorite game on the App Store!

    Crystal crusher 1 was and is to this date my favorite game ever in iOS.

    Even people that hate games, like my mom, got addicted to it and played it to the end. I am surprised it never became a hit, honestly.

    And now we have the sequel, so I am shaking with delight!

    This is as good as the first. In fact, I am thrilled to say that the game mechanics have not changed one bit. It’s basically the same game with new levels. Why mess with perfection, right?

    If you want a game that requires strategy, is beautiful to look at, and has some of the best custom music you have ever heard in a game, then you need to look no further and download crystal crusher 2.

    Similar in a way to the smash hit game, your goal is to destroy all the crystal pieces with a select number if bombs that you are given. But you have to use your bombs in the right order or you’ll get stuck.

    Download this one now. Trust me on this!

    - Racer1988 says:

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